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Over 15 years of development – packaged into this interactive 2 day experience!

Lee Woodward
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Real Estate Academy (REA) is an innovative training and systems development organisation operated by a team of professionals dedicated to the design and development of leading-edge real estate business systems and career development programs. The largest national real estate service centre in Australia and New Zealand, REA offers skills training, software solutions and scripts and dialogues upported with workbooks, high quality visuals, templates and follow-through audio and video coaching programs.


The Complete Salesperson Course is widely regarded as the industry benchmark for complete real estate training in Australia. As Real Estate Academy’s flagship training event, the 2-day interactive workshop style course has had a powerful impact on the careers of thousands of Australian real estate professionals since its launch in 1995.

By moving participants from ‘ad-hoc’ to structured operators, the course has helped propel a number of real estate agents to the top of their game. It continues to inspire, motivate and educate those who choose to take their careers and professional development seriously.

The complete package for anyone working in real estate

Much more than training, The Complete Salesperson Course is a complete professional development package and on-thejob system for anyone working in real estate.

The course was designed and is facilitated and regularly updated by world-class presenter, business coach and systems trainer Lee Woodward. Lee draws upon his own experience as an awardwinning real estate professional and years of working and interacting with other industry leaders to ensure your learning experience is 100% real and relevant.

Whether you work in sales or property management, are an employee or operate in an Effective Business Unit, or even if you own the business yourself, The Complete Salesperson Course will provide you with the knowledge, the skills, the visuals, the audio, the checklists, the scripts and all the tools you need to:

  • Effectively prospect for clients
  • Win more business
  • Fulfil your clients (buyers and sellers or landlords and tenants)
  • A chieve more referrals
  • Streamline your marketing operations, and
  • Take control of your business and your life.

Are you ready for the ultimate 2 day sales training experience of your career?

How to use this guide

The purpose of this guide is to clearly outline:

  • The Course (What is The Complete Salesperson Course?)
  • Who Should Attend?
  • Inclusions & Deliverables
  • The Experience
  • The Modules
  • Why Attend More Than Once?
  • Where To From Here?

Keep the guide in a readily accessible place within your office and include reference to it as part of your induction process for all newcomers to the team.

Whether you choose to invest in the training of your staff or you rely on your staff to invest in their own professional development, having a team of motivated, skilled high achievers as a result of training can only be in everyone’s favour.

What is The Complete Salesperson Course?

Much more than a training course, The Complete Salesperson Course is a complete interactive learning experience and system aimed at propelling your real estate career to superstar status.

Over 2 interactive days, you are given allthe very latest ideas, proven methods, tools, visuals, scripts and audio to:

  • Manage your time more effectively
  • Win more business
  • Gain more referrals, and
  • Take control of your business like never before.

Benefit from the course’s constantly updated consolidation of ideas and tried and tested methods used by real estate’s current national top performers.

Access to so many proven hints and trade secrets is simply unattainable any other way. Attending The Complete Salesperson Course is the next best thing to having all the current industry superstars as your very own professional mentors.

Who should attend?

If you are passionate about taking your real estate career to the next level, then The Complete Salesperson Course is for you. It is relevant to every level, from new starters to managers and business owners, including the following roles:

  • Sales agents – residential and commercial (including Listers, Buyers Agents, selling Principals and those operating in an Effective Business Unit)
  • Property Managers
  • Sales and Business Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Administrative Personnel (including Vendor Managers, PA s and Reception staff)
  • Salesperson from any industry

Delivering more for your single, one-off investment in The Complete Salesperson Course

The Course will deliver:

  • Two intense, action-packed days facilitated by Lee Woodward – renowned for his dynamic and entertaining, yet relevant and real delivery style
  • Engagement of all the senses via a balance between live interaction, individual and group exercises, quality visuals, audio and video content
  • The opportunity to network with and learn from other real estate professionals, including some of the best in the business
  • Lunch and all refreshments
  • A host of resources to take away with your your training dollar:
    - A detailed workbook for ongoing reference
    - A complete prospecting program
    - REA’s signature listing and negotiation systems
    - 12 audio sessions (MP3's)
    - Video content
    - Scripts and dialogues
    - Documents and templates
    - Checklists and guides
    - Business planning and productivity tools.

If you work in real estate, you work in sales

Many people assume that The Complete Salesperson Course is aimed only at real estate salespeople due to the name of the course. But the fact of the matter is this – if you work in real estate, then you are a salesperson to some degree.

Time management, prospecting, winning business, client care and business planning are relevant to all real estate functions. The Complete Salesperson Course removes the ‘walls’ between the various real estate professions. While the principal focus of the course remains on the traditional sales function, examples and scenarios easily translate to all functions. In addition, scenarios and anecdotes relating to other real estate roles are interspersed throughout.

Property Managers prospect, list, sell and communicate just as salespeople do; only they are targeting landlords and tenants rather than sellers and buyers. Similarly, those performing an administrative role look after clients every day and therefore play a key role in attracting new and repeat business to the agency. And everyone’s role is to cross sell the benefits of other functions within the team, which can only be achieved successfully through a thorough understanding of those other functions. It is no coincidence that agencies that cross train and cross sell perform better overall than
agencies that operate with their ‘walls’ up.

Furthermore, The Complete Salesperson Course prepares you to take the next step in your career. After all, who doesn’t want to develop and progress in their career?

The Complete Salesperson Course is exactly that – THE COMPLETE SALESPERSON COURSE.

Inclusions and Deliverables

Following completion of the 2-day interactive workshop, you will return to the office motivated, inspired and armed with new skills and knowledge. You will also come away with a host of tools and reference material for learning consolidation and on-the-job implementation.

The Audio

Included as part of your investment in The Complete Salesperson Course, you are given 12 audio MP3's to take away with you. Each session contains audio versions of the checklists for repetitive learning of each phase of the Sales Process cycle until it becomes second nature.

The Scripts & Dialogues

Role-play and perfect various buyer and seller scenarios with our take home scripts and dialogues.

The Workbook

The Complete Salesperson Course Workbook has become a renowned part of the course in its own right. Structured to align with the modules of the course and Real Estate Academy’s exclusive Find, List, Communicate and Sell Sales Process model, your Workbook will become your ‘bible’ for ongoing reference and memory jogging.

In addition to its well structured, easy to follow information, The Complete Salesperson Course Workbook contains all you need to Capture, Process, Organise, Review and Do everything associated with running a successful real estate business, including a series of:

  • Checklists
  • Mapping processes to identify strengths and weaknesses and help establish ongoing accountability
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Plans
  • Exercises, and
  • Templates for all your marketing and communication needs

In a nutshell, everything Real Estate Academy has ever captured and designed lives within The Complete Salesperson Course’s continually updated and refined Workbook.

Your Complete Prospecting System

You will go back to the office armed with templates for direct mail campaigns that deliver proven results and can be modified to suit your brand and specific target audience. Your prospecting system also includes:

  • Access to the best suburb reports in Australia
  • Prospecting letter templates
  • Winning scripts and dialogues for powerful prospecting, and
  • A 42-point checklist to help you build an effective staged prospecting program.

Real Estate Academy’s Signature Listing System

You will receive everything you need to perfect your own listing procedure and win more business:

  • A series of powerful listing presentation videos role-played by some of Australia’s top performing Listers
  • The Complete Selling Plan - our signature listing presentation, which includes high quality visuals and a listing presentation agenda for you to adapt and make your own
  • Post listing document and letter templates, such as Real Estate Academy’s renowned ‘Thank you for listing letter’.

Tools for Brilliant Buyer Management

Help turn every buyer into a potential future seller while achieving the best possible sales result for your vendor with the help of tools like:

  • Showtime (Open For Inspection) Checklists
  • A ‘Buyer type’ identification chart
  • Real Estate Academy’s signature Negotiation Process
  • Scripts and dialogues to help overcome buyer objections.

Tools to Create an Outstanding Vendor Experience

Leave the course ready to make a real difference to every vendor experience with letter templates and follow-up routines that you, your PA or a dedicated Vendor Manager could readily implement on-thejob. Feel confident armed with our signature price adjustment system and process, ensuring you never have to dread raising the need for a price reduction again.

Business Management Tools

Also included as part of your investment in The Complete Salesperson Course are the tools that will help you master time management and gain control of your business:

  • A business plan, including a personal productivity process for superior time management
  • Strategic action plans
  • A systems chart, and
  • An implementation process based on the proven methods used by the industry’s top revenue earners.

The Experience

Everyone has attended training that has failed to connect with their personal learning style. Some people are more visual, while others prefer to read or listen. If the learning style fails to connect with you, then the skills and knowledge generally fail to connect with you too.

The Complete Salesperson Course is based on an adult learning principle called ‘Teaching for Understanding’. Blending and connecting various teaching methods and media, the course engages all the senses and caters to every individual learning style.

Your 2-day experience will expose you to:

  • Live interaction
  • Powerful visuals
  • Workbook documentation
  • Audio
  • Video

You will also be introduced to Real Estate Academy’s exclusive Mapping process – a business tool designed to transform you from ‘ad hoc’ operator to structured, focused professional.

While you can anticipate an intensive 2 days, you can also expect to be entertained by a world-class facilitator and guest presenters who will ensure your learning experience is fun as well as career-changing.

The result overall is superior, longer lasting knowledge retention, practical on-the-job skills transferral and high levels of motivation.

The Modules

The Complete Salesperson Course is based on Real Estate Academy’s exclusive cyclical Sales Process.

In tandem with a focus on the Sales Process is its connection to the following key stages in any sales journey:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Conversion
  • Client Fulfilment.

This 3-step model is relevant to every real estate function and is the foundation behind the course’s 5 modules, which are:

  1. Structural Change
  2. Prospecting
  3. Buyer Management
  4. Winning the Business
  5. Vendor Management.

1. Structural Change

Are you committed to moving forward in your career but feel blocked by the neverending list of tasks that prevent you from implementing the actions that you know will dramatically improve your revenue?

Great businesspeople keep their business promises, whether it be to their vendors, their buyers, their landlords, their potential sellers or their own teammates.

There are 40 systems required to run a real estate agency. Do you know what they are and how each one affects your performance and bottom line? This session is your key to mastering the real estate process and gaining full control over
your business, allowing you to:

Capture - Process - Organise - Review - Do

You will leave the course armed with:

  • A business plan, including a personal productivity process for superior time management
  • Strategic action plans
  • A systems chart
  • An implementation process based on the proven methods used by the industry’s top revenue earners.

2. Buyer Management

Some people are surprised to learn that the art of Buyer Management falls under the category of Lead Generation. But did you know that Buyer Management is the second highest lead source for new listing in Australia? Yet despite this fact, Buyer Management is the most underestimated skill among real estate agents.

The Buyer Management module has literally been the ‘game changer’ for many participants.

You will learn how to:

  • Categorise buyers into 6 key buyer types
  • Run powerful Open for Inspections by following our ‘Showtime Checklists’
  • Qualify buyers in order to run effective Open for Inspection call-backs
  • Conduct strategic buyer follow-ups
  • Overcome buyer objections
  • Master the negotiation process, using Real Estate Academy’s renowned signature negotiation process
  • A chieve the highest possible sales price for your vendor
  • Turn buyers into ‘raving fans’ and potential future sellers.

You will return to your office armed with all the tools you need to achieve solid leads through your newly acquired Buyer Management processes and methods.

3. Prospecting

Prospecting is the practice of actively and creatively searching for new business. Like Buyer Management, Prospecting falls under the category of Lead Generation. So many real estate agents talk about Prospecting but we have found that very few actually understand the fundamentals of how to do it well. Many also resist the time and effort required to Prospect every day. But the reality is, if you aren’t prepared to actively and regularly Prospect for new business, then you may be in the wrong industry.

Many attend The Complete Salesperson Course for this module alone. They leave energised and genuinely excited about Prospecting for the very first time. To be successful at Prospecting you need to learn how to connect with your target
market in a way that shows them you understand their needs and genuinely care.

This module will teach you how to:

  • Build your own professional, staged Prospecting program, using a 42-point checklist we have developed and refined over time
  • Create an effective established client campaign (we will show you that Prospecting is as much about ‘loving the one you’re with’ as it is about making new connections)
  • Database mine
  • Work with fewer people for better reasons.

You will leave the course armed with:

  • Templates for direct mail campaigns that deliver proven results
  • A ccess to the best suburb reports in Australia
  • Powerful visuals and guides.

4. Winning the Business

Winning the Business (also known as the Listing Presentation) is where the door to making a sale is opened for you. It is the stage where you move from Lead Generation to Lead Conversion.

This module will teach you that the difference between winning and losing a listing rarely hinges on one single factor. You will learn that in preparing for and conducting your Listing Presentation, you will need to become a detective of sorts. The key to getting this crucial stage right is to work out your owners’ real priorities, which aren’t always clear at face value.

On completion of this module you will:

  • Be very clear and focused on how to get to the truth behind a prospective vendor’s priorities, which is the key to tailoring your Listing Presentation to suit each owner
  • Learn the 24 listing questions that will engage a prospective vendor in the lead conversion process
  • Know how to deliver the winning words and concepts to move an owner from prospect to vendor
  • Learn the art of overcoming fee objections
  • Learn the key words and phrases that will help to ‘seal the deal’
  • Understand that a “no” on the day is by no means final. We will teach you the art of ‘finishing’ for post Listing Presentation conversion.

You will leave the course armed with:

  • Real Estate Academy’s signature Listing Presentation System and Complete Selling Plan A Hot Topics listing DVD or video presentation
  • showcasing 3 top Listers each role playing a Listing Presentation (these may be used as a foundation for developing your own listing presentation)
  • A series of lead conversion related templates.

5. Vendor Management

Vendor Management (also known as Client Fulfilment) is all about living up to the promises you made to your vendor during the lead conversion stage. It is a critical and often underestimated part of the sales journey. Do it well, and you can feel confident that your journey with one owner will lead to future referrals and repeat business. Do it badly on the other hand, and it could easily lead to a tarnishing of your reputation.

Client fulfilment is arguably the part of the journey that will ensure a long-term successful career in real estate.

This session will teach you how to:

  • Manage price expectations
  • Provide detailed, factual, evidence-based reports
  • Conduct compelling meetings with pre-set agendas
  • Deliver sincere letters
  • Operate to an effective price adjustment system
  • Adjust the Vendor Management process for auctions
  • Handle price adjustment objections.

Vendor Management is a highly process driven part of the Sales Process. It therefore demands a solid level of structure and focus. Attendance at The Complete Salesperson Course will assist you to become more structured and focused by arming you with a series of documents and checklists that you and your team can use back at the office.

Why Attend More Than Once?

Far from being a course that people attend just once, The Complete Salesperson Course continues to evolve in order to remain relevant and results-driven as things change at an increasingly rapid rate. This includes:

  • Technology
  • Systems
  • Processes
  • Marketing methods
  • Economic conditions, and
  • People (attitudes, communication preferences etc.)

Updates are made to the course content constantly to ensure it is always aligned with the techniques that are delivering real results and returns on a national level right now.

For this reason, many find they receive the greatest benefit from attending regularly, both individually and as a team.

Regular attendance will ensure you experience and receive:

  • The very latest marketing and prospecting visuals
  • The best methods and techniques that align with your target market right now
  • New connection and networking opportunities with other agents, including the hottest stars and up-and-comers at the time.

Where to from here?

The Complete Salesperson Course forms part of Real Estate Academy’s full suite of training, audio and systems.

By joining Real Estate Academy’s membership program, you will have access to The Complete Real Estate Success Program, a series of 10 multimedia, webbased modules that allow you to tap into the training, information and tools you need when you need them most - anywhere, any time.

The program combines the complete collection of Real Estate Academy’s audio and video interviews with an extensive portfolio of sales documents, coaching programs and courseware over a series of 10 modules:

  1. Onboarding - For anyone thinking of a career in real estate
  2. Activation – For new recruits to the industry
  3. Systems & Infrastructure – For effective data collection and marketing
  4. Building Your Database – Focused on understanding your core area and managing your database
  5. Lead Generation – Marketing You and connecting with your target market.
  6. Lead Conversion – How to convert your leads into listings
  7. Client Fulfilment – How to turn your clients into raving fans
  8. Established Clients – Managing ongoing connections with previous clients to help secure your future in the business through referrals and repeat business
  9. Leadership – Covering everything from finance and profitability to attitude and accountability
  10. Partnership – Sound advice and options on business structures, knowledge sharing and legal agreements etc.

If you’ve ever wondered where to start, how to refresh a skill that’s letting your business down, how to lift your profile or number of listings or where to start if you’re thinking about running your own business, The Complete Real Estate Success Program has everything you need.

Becoming a Real Estate Academy member will give you 24/7 access to Lee Woodward plus more than 500 of Australia’s best real estate coaches and a host of documentation and templates for use on the job.

Over 15 years of development – packaged into this interactive 2 day experience!

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